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Rebecca Oswald - choral and vocal music

Rebecca Oswald has a growing catalog of choral works. Most are available as PDFs with a limited license to print/photocopy.
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Die Alster (SATB/piano); 4:45. Old German. Secular, text by Friedrich von Hagedorn (1708-1754). A charming, delightful, humorous poem about wine, women, and song, sung from the viewpoint of saucily confident 18th c. barge workers on the Alster River in Hamburg. Tonal, in the German Romantic tradition.

Three Songs of the Soul (SATB a cappella with divisi). English (translated from Dutch). Sacred/metaphysical texts by Jan Luyken (1649-1712). Tonal/triadic, modulatory. Titles available separately.
I. The Soul's Devotion at the Rebirth of Life (3:40
II. The Soul Considers Its Nearness to God (4:10)
III. The Soul Contemplates the Creator In the Creation (4:45)

Pied Beauty (SATB a cappella); 1:45. English. Sacred (Christian), text by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Celebrates the variety and beauty of the natural world, and praises God's handiwork as the source. Mixolydian, followed by extended tonality.

The Light on the Hill (SATB/piano); 3:45. English. Sacred (Christian) original text; inclusive, warm, welcoming. Tonal. Score includes permission to photocopy a single-page hymntune arrangement for congregational use.

Carol of the Seekers (SSAA a cappella); 2:30. English. Sacred: Christmas, original text. Sweet, charming, lightly metaphysical. Suitable for treble voices of any age.

Walk With Me (SSAA a cappella); 3:15. English. Secular original text; fun, upbeat, romantic. Tonal, modulatory; pop influence.

Wise Words of Love (women's chorus/piano); 13:10. English. Secular; texts by William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Selected lines from his plays spoken by women characters on various aspects of romantic love. Starts out tongue-in-cheek, progresses to passion and commitment, then closes on a sweet, humorous note.
1. Disdain
2. Pursuit
3. The Eyes of Love
4. Folly
5. Courtship
6. Passion
7. Devotion
8. Marriage
9. Parting

Unlock the Treasure in Your Heart (SATB a cappella with T solo); 4:15. English. Secular, original text. Joyous, positive, fun, upbeat. Tonal; pop influence.

Let Him Return (SA/piano, with S divisi); 6:15. English. Secular original text with sacred overtones: expresses the anguish, fear, and prayers common to women of all centuries, countries, and faiths whose men are off fighting wars. Rock ballad influence. Let Him Return won Top Honors in the Waging Peace through Singing (2002) international choral composition competition.

Pat-a-pan (TTBB a cappella); 2:10. English (an original translation from Burgundian). Sacred Christmas text by Bernard de La Monnoye (1641-1728). A mysterious, powerful, intriguing arrangement of the familiar holiday carol.

Reciprocity (SATB a cappella with divisi); 12:00. Phrases in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Tibetan, Chinese, ancient Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic, Gujarati, and Gurmukhi. Multi-lingual, multi-faith. Honors the positive and negative formulations of the Ethic of Reciprocity ("do unto others..." and "do not do to others..."), often called the "golden rule". The text quotes, in chronological order, eleven of humanity's history-shaping religious teachers and philosophers, going as far back as 3100 B.C., and is sung in their original languages as much as possible. Best for large choir (32 or more voices).

Ubi Caritas (AT/organ); 5:30. Latin. Sacred (Christian); text from the Mass of Maundy Thursday ("Wherever there is charity and love, God is there...."). Original melody. Tonal.

Rebecca Oswald's art songs are available for purchase in hard copy (8.5"x11", saddle-stitched).

Your Hands (tenor/piano); 6:40. English (translated from Greek). Secular text excerpted from The Twelve Words of the Gypsy by Greek poet Kostes Palamas (1859-1943). Secular; a love song to a practical woman. Tonal. The lyrical, soaring melody entwines with an intricate, industrious piano accompaniment. Recorded and released in 2005 as the final track on Rebecca Oswald's October Wind CD, with Peter Hollens, tenor. Sheet music available soon.

Double Beauty (soprano/piano); 2:50. English. Text by British poet Eleanor Farjeon. An introspective, thoughtful lullaby. Lightly extended tonality. Sheet music available soon.

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